Hi!  I’m Courtney and for the last  6 years I have been running my business completely online and praising the Lord for it!  Using the talents and gifts the Lord has given me, I’m able to help other Christians get started in their online businesses and blogs.  I’m able to do what I love while serving the Lord at the same time. It’s an awesome thing.  Below are just a couple of ways we can work together.

Christian Online Business Coach

Are you looking for some faith-based help with your blog or online business? I am available for one-on-one consultation to help you start or grow your online business based on Biblical principals. It takes more than just know how and a desire. It takes faith and hard work to make an online business successful. Sign up for a free 30 minute consultation now!

Online Tech Support

Do you need help with your website? Programming issues? WordPress customization? I’ve got you covered. Have just a one time project or are in the need of on-going maintenance and support, I have a tech plan that will help you take the stress out of running an online business.

Faithful Bloggers

Faithful Bloggers is a community for Christian bloggers. Our purpose is to provide a common ground where we can encourage one another to use our blogs for the glory of God. While we want to mix and mingle and have fun, our purpose is to help you build a blog that will glorify the Lord while also strengthening your relationship with Him.