50 Lessons In Blogging

By Courtney | Uncategorized

Over on Medium, Tom Kuegler shares 50 lessons he has learned from 50 months of blogging. That’s approximately 4 years, a long time in internet time.

Some of my favorite are below:

  • Your tribe will read everything you write, not your friends or family(weirdly enough).
  • During your first six months, it’s best to post every single day. Nobody does this, which means nobody’s getting the practice you’ll be getting.
  • If you have a blogging question, Google it. I’ve learned everything I know from Google.
  • A 300-word article crammed with useful advice is MUCH more valuable than a 2,000-word piece with regurgitated fluff.
  • Everybody has time to write every day. Don’t give excuses.

Seriously, these lessons are something everyone, I mean EVERYONE, needs to read!   

Go read them now.