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Courtney Chowning

About Courtney

I have been blogging and working with WordPress since 2006. I’ve learned a lot since I first started out online and I know I have more to learn. One of the keys to moving forward is continuing to learn new tools and tactics.  It’s a journey that I hope you will join me on.

You can except to see lots of posts about WordPress, technology, and how WordPress and technology work together to create an awesome online business. I love teaching people how to use technology to increase their profits! I’m sure there will also be some personal posts and some faith based posts thrown in there as well.

11 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

  1. I have lived in 3 states, Texas, Maryland, and Oklahoma.
  2. I love the winters in Texas. I learned after living in Maryland and Oklahoma, Texas doesn’t have real winters.
  3. I played the trombone in high school. I don’t know why, I hated it.
  4. I am a mom of four.
  5. I love cooking, baking and a clean kitchen.
  6. My husband is a pediatrician. Comes in handy with #4.
  7. I grew in Texas and my high school mascot was the Farmer. Yes, a farmer.
  8. I started blogging in 2006.
  9. I am a self-described domain junkie. I seem to buy a domain for every idea I ever have, regardless if I actually follow through with it or not.
  10. I am a bookworm. If I am relaxing I have a book in my hand. If I am stressed I have a book in my hand. I almost always have a book in my hand.
  11. I have 3 great loves in my life:  God, My husband, My children.

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