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Is Your Website Fast Enough?

By Courtney | Technology

Google is such a prominent and dominant force on the web that it’s become a dictionary entry, a verb. When someone asks us for information, and we don’t know the answer, we tell the person to ‘just google it.’ Or even when we know the answer, and we don’t have the time to explain, we […]

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slow website

Everyone Hates a Slow Website

By Courtney | Technology

Go ahead and admit it – you hate slow websites. Everyone does. So it’s safe to assume that if you have a slow-loading site, you can expect people to hate it, too. But why exactly do we get impatient and hate slow sites? People used to wait patiently for web pages to load. When the […]

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Tools to Make Writing Easier

By Courtney | Uncategorized

I’m always looking for ways to make writing easier and Julia Rose at The Writing Cooperative has 5 tools she uses everyday for writing. And it’s not just for writing blog posts, but for writing emails and headlines and just for checking for run on sentences, which I’m very guilty of all time. By far […]

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