Best Ways To Setup A WordPress Test Environment

By Courtney | Must Reads (Curated)

A WordPress test environment is a necessity for any WordPress developer. It allows you to create without worries.  It doesn’t matter if the test environment is ugly or if you have an error popping up. It’s not production, just a test.

Depending on the project I use 2 types of a WordPress test envirnonment. The first is a subdomain on my web host. For example: I use this method for client work. This allows the client to view the site and I can easily ask them any questions about the design or layout.

The second type of environment I use is for my personal development and that is MAMP. What’s so awesome about MAMP is that I can create an entire web environment on my MacBook!  It’s like having my own personal web host in my house with the benefit of the outside world not being able to peek in.

Raelene Wilson has written a nice roundup about setting up a WordPress Test Environment, Top 8 Best Ways to Set Up a Testing Environment for WordPress.  She says,

Many site admins take advantage of these environments where they can do thorough testing before committing changes to a site. If you’ve ever activated a new plugin or upgraded to a new version of WordPress only to find errors on your site, you will know the importance of testing first.”  

I whole hardly agree!

Do you setup test environments? If so, which method do you use?