Choosing the Right Technology From The Beginning

By Courtney | Apps and Tools

Choosing the Right Technology From The Beginning

When you are just starting your business it is so easy to get distracted by all the apps and technology available.  They all claim to be the best and will help grow your profits and engagement.  It’s important to stay focus on your business and what you need to be doing, money making tasks.  Getting distracted by bright shiny objects is not a money making task!  Kelly McCausey from Love People + Make Money actually has some great articles on the subject of bright shiny objects.

But you need some sort of technology to start out with, right?  Lori Mercer addressed this exact issue on here blog in the article, Start Here: A Technology Roadmap for Entrepreneurs.  She got it right when she said, “It’s never about the technology tool…Don’t let the tool selection lead ANY decision.   It’s first about your business goals and needs.”

If you are not sure about which technology tools you need reach out and I would love to you help you straighten it out.


  • Kelly says:

    What comes to mind for me is the importance of choosing the right shopping cart for a business that intends to sell digital or physical products. It’s a lot of work to set them up and it’s just plain awful when you realize you’ve made a poor choice and need to start over.

    I love that you’re offering to help people make smart choices Courtney!

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