Click to Tweet: Which WordPress Plugins To Check Out

By Courtney | Cool Tech Finds

If you haven’t heard of Twitter then you must not be online, watch TV, or listen to the radio.  It seems like everyone is on Twitter these days and I’m no exception (though I don’t post much there).  Online businesses have even discovered the power of Twitter in driving traffic and sales.

One of the more popular way to get mentioned on Twitter is to allow your blog readers to click a link that will allow them to quickly Tweet about your page.  This is called click-to-tweet.  When a user clicks a specific link they are able to quickly produce a prewritten tweet and post it to Twitter.

Brenda Barron over at WPMU recently wrote a post explaining the pros and cons of the 5 most popular click-to-tweet WordPress plugins.   She also gives a couple examples of how other sites are using the click-to-tweet tactic.

Do you use one of the plugins listed, and if not, let me know which one you do use in the comments!

  • Cindy says:

    Thanks for this! I’m looking for a CTT plugin since the one I was using went all weird with a recent WP update.

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