Create a Contact Form

By Courtney | Must Reads (Curated)

Last week I shared with you a post that listed 64 contact form plugins that you can choose from for your WordPress site.  But what if none of those work for you or you just want to create your own?

Today I want to share with you a post by Olaf Lederer at  In the post, Ajax Contact Form Tutorial, he gives a very detailed tutorial on how to code your own contact form.

You may ask yourself, why would you want to create your own contact form if you can just use a plugin?  Olaf answers this question in his post too:

“Many premium WordPress templates I have seen are using the plugin Contact Form 7 to offer an Ajax contact form for the template user. This works for most people very well and the user is able to change the contact form without to change any code. For most WordPress websites I have built, there was a single contact form more than enough and most of my customers never change that form on their own. So why using a plugin for a simple feature like a contact form?”

I personally try to use as little plugins as necessary on my WordPress sites to reduce database bloat and possible security issues.

Would you consider coding your own contact form?