Creating Helpful Blog Content

By Courtney | Must Reads (Curated)

The purpose of a blog is give information, hopefully information that will help others.  Some blog daily, others monthly, and many somewhere in between.  When blogging with the intention to help others it’s so important that you blog daily but that you are indeed writing helpful content.

Chris Lema said in his blog post, The Secret of Writing Helpful Blog Content on a Daily Basis,

Yes, there’s a lot of posts out there. But if yours are helpful, and Google knows how to find them, then you’ll be helping someone else when they ask Google their big question. And that’s more important than worrying around away about your consistency.”

Don’t worry about what others are doing.  Do what works for you and continue writing awesome helpful information and Google will reward you!

  • Great tips from Chris as usual. I do #3 a lot and quite a bit of #5. At least, I *think*, but #6 is definitely something to do and #2, while I sub-conciously do that, Chris has clarify the audience in my mind. I think some people refer to that as personas.

    • Courtney says:

      I just read a great article about personas and Chris help me clarify my audience in my mind too.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Lynette.

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