Freshen Up WordPress

By Courtney | WordPress

When you have had a WordPress site for very long it tends to get dusty.  Old plugins you are no longer using are still on the site, old content is no longer relevant, and security and backups can get put on the back burner.

It’s important every 3-6 months to freshen up your WordPress site in order to keep it in the best working order for your business.

Brenda Barron over at WPMU Dev shares 12 ways you can freshen up your site and why easy step is important.  Pay special attention to numbers 4, 5, and 7:

  • Schedule regular backups
  • Do some spring cleaning (remove plugins you are no longer using, etc.)
  • Prioritize security

These 3 are the most important in my opinion, although all 12 are great recommendations.

Have you recently freshen up your WordPress site?