How Long Does It Take to Create a Website?

By Courtney | Website

If you are looking for a new website or to just refresh your current one the one question on your mind is, how long will it take?

It’s a good question. It’s a tricky question.  And there is no correct answer.

It all depends on the website. Every website is different and will take a different amount of time to complete. Typically I can create a new website and go live in just a few weeks if everything goes to plan.  Sometimes I can complete a website sooner and sometimes later.  

I have a general plan I follow when developing websites:

Phase 1 – Discovery & Planning

Phase 2 – Design

Phase 3 – Development

Phase 4 – Test

Phase 5 – Deploy


Anything can happen during the 5 phases that can affect and lengthen the completion time of a website.  

The top 5 factors are:

1. Custom Graphics or Content

Are custom graphics needed?  If custom graphics, such as: product graphics, e-book covers, social media icons, or header banners are needed it may lengthen the amount of time a website takes to complete.  Depending on the graphics needed they will be be done in house but sometimes outside help is needed, such as custom illustrations. This may extend the project but your project manager or web designer should always tell you up front and give you an estimation of the time.

If you need content created for your website, such as blog posts, page content, and sales pages, then you can count on the length of time to be exceeded.  It takes time to create great content and it doesn’t happen overnight.

2. Integrating with a Third Party

If you need to integrate your website with any third party software or plugins that may extend the time frame for completed.  This includes shopping cart, membership areas, optin forms, podcast setup, or any of of the thousands of integration possibilities.  

3. Life

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances come up – kids get sick, a storm knocks out the internet, life happens.  We have no control over it and it rarely affects a project, but it has been known to happen. In the event that it does, your project manager or web designer will contact you and make you fully aware of any issues and when they anticipate having the project completed.  

4. Client response 

Communication is key to a successful project and partnership.  If the project manager or web designer has to wait on you, the client, for items needed or to answer a question but doesn’t get a response in 2 weeks, then the project is the going to be delayed.  The best way to get a project completed quickly is to respond to emails as soon as possible. This, of course, goes both ways. If you have questions your project manager or web design should respond in a timely manner.