How to Choose a Domain Name

By Courtney | Must Reads (Curated)

For me choosing a domain name is the hardest part of starting a business online.  While you can always change your domain if needed (yes, there are times you really should), it’s not really recommended especially if you have an established site already.  With so many new TLD’s (top level domains) being release and an already limited .com pickings, it makes choosing a domain name really hard.

I have a some hard and fast rules I follow when choosing a domain name.  I personally always buy .com, try to have a keyword in the domain, and no hyphens.  It take me a little longer to find domains that will work with my rules, but I usually always come up with something.  It may not be my first choice (because that domain is already bought!) but it works.

 at CWAHM has an excellent checklist on how to choose a domain name.  Give it a read and then come back, leave a comment, and let me know what rules you follow when purchasing a domain name.

  • It all begins with a domain name. I follow the same rules as you do along with short & easy to spell – meaning no cutesie spellings. Thanks for sharing.

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