What If It Was Simple?

By Courtney | Uncategorized

One of the things I have learned from Kelly McCausey in in the last few years is not to overcomplicate things. She always asks, “What if it were easy?” Even now, when working on a project and I start to get panicky, I hear that question in my mind.

I recently came across an article on Medium that was very similar to Kelly’s question – Simple is Supreme written by Bryce Adams. He started out the article with:

“There is a discreet and utter beauty in the very concept of ‘less is more’. I feel like we often use the expression in hopes of justifying our lack of effort or enthusiasm, but actually, we should strive to do less — strive to work less and think less.”

The rest of the article goes on to explain that we should strive to do one thing perfectly and not  a thousand. By keeping it simple we are able to give more to the one thing and make it bigger and better.

Are you striving to be a jack of all trades or working on doing one thing perfectly?

  • So love this Courtney, yes, I will have simple please. I have learned that over the years. Simple is golden.

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