What is WordPress?

By Courtney | Technology

There are two types of WordPress. There is WordPress.com which is a blogging platform that uses WordPress.org’s open source platform to run its blogging service. If nothing else, this should convince you about how powerful the WordPress Open Source Platform is. By using WordPress to build your website you’ll be joining some large corporations, universities and many thousands of small businesses who already know how fabulous WordPress is.

WordPress, often used to run a blog and whole websites, is a publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plugin architecture and templating system.  It is probably WordPress is the most popular CMS in use today.  Since it is so very popular it is likely that you will be able to find expert help at a price you can afford, maybe even free in some cases if you’re a developer and join the developer’s forum on WordPress.org’s website.

Open Source software is free as are many templates, themes and plugins. Templates and Themes are the overall design of the site. You simply purchase or get a free theme and modify it to meet your needs. Plugins give WordPress, no matter the type of theme you use, extra functionality from shopping carts, to message boards, to RSS feeds and much, much more. The possibilities are truly endless with WordPress.

WordPress is also extremely Search Engine friendly. Many people say that Google loves WordPress. It’s setup in such a way that even a novice, with the right plugins can put in SEO features such as meta tags, image tags, keywords and coding without knowing how to code at all. With WordPress you can easily incorporate a blog right into your website thus also increasing the Google love you will receive. Additionally, creating a website with various types of layouts is easy.

A magazine type layout is just a click away with WordPress as a content management system. Want to run a local business directory, simply find a theme or template that is already set up with the right look and plugins to do the type of functions you desire. Editing and creating new pages for your site is as easy as sending an email and there is nothing to download. Everything can be accomplished via web browser.

To use WordPress you don’t need to know anything about HTML or in fact any other code unless you plan to be a developer. The trick is getting the right Theme and using the right plugins to create the look and feel of the site that you desire. Once most people learn how to use WordPress they are literally able to build a site and have it up and running within hours.