When I Fell in Love With WordPress

By Courtney | Technology

I first discovered WordPress back in 2006.  My daughter (my 2nd child) was just born and my husband and I had decided that I would stay home with our kids. I quit my job and became a stay-at-home mom.  While I loved being able to spend all day with my kids I needed something that was just mine.

So I started a blog.  On Blogger. Oh the horror, I know.  🙂 I lasted a whole 2 weeks before discovering WordPress, making the switch, and ultimately changing my life.  I haven’t looked back since.  Who knew years later I would make a living using WordPress?  It’s amazing.

It’s Mine

What initially drew my attention to WordPress was that it was something I hosted on my own site.  I had complete control over it.  

Ease of Setup

I fell in love with how easy WordPress is to setup, customize, and run.  That was 8 years ago and it has just gotten even easier over time.  When I was using Blogger nothing felt right.  It felt awkward to use.  WordPress felt natural.  Stuff made sense.

The Community

The next thing I feel in love with is the community.  I haven’t been as active in the community as I once was, which I’m going to change, but the community is amazing.  They are accepting, helpful, and everywhere!  I attended my first WordCamp in Dallas in 2009 and can’t wait to go again and get more involved.

Then I realized how easy it was to make WordPress do more than simply be a blog.  You can do all kind of extra stuff by adding some code to the functions.php file or with plugins.  My eyes were opened to all the different possibilities.  It was limitless.