Who Are Your Readers?

By Courtney | Must Reads (Curated)

One of the most important bit of information you need to know about your blog is, Who is your reader? What kind of person are they? How old are they? What do they have in common? What level are they at?  What they hope to get from your blog?

Darren Rowse wrote an interesting article about this very subject about creating reader personas. Can I just say I love this idea!

Darren says,

“The technique is simply – open up a word document and begin to describe a type of reader that you’re either attempting to write for or who is already reading your blog. … – but in short the task is to describe who they are, what their interests are, why they might be reading your blog and what their needs are.

The idea is that you end up with a picture of who you’re writing for that you can then use to inspire and inform you in your blogging.”

What I love about this method is that is just so simple. This makes it real. Reminds me that the people I want to reach are real people!  Plus it’s something I can always go back and refer to.  If I ever question a product I want to create or JV’s with another person, I can check these personas and see if it is something they could use.

Check out Darren’s article and look at his examples.

Have you ever done something like creating reader personas? I haven’t but it is going on my to do list!