Would You Choose WordPress?

By Courtney | Uncategorized

The internet is not what it used to be when I started out online about 12 years ago. It is almost unrecognizable. What worked for running an online business 12 years ago doesn’t necessary work now.

I started my first website on Google Blogger and within a month moved to a self-hosted WordPress site. Best decision ever.

Now in 2018, fixing to enter 2019, there are so many more options – Wix, SquareSpace, Medium, Shopify, Tumblr, and more. They are all viable options depending on your goals.

Jonathan Bailey recently said in an article published on Medium,

“If someone came to me and asked what platform they should use for their new site, there’s only a couple of situations were WordPress would be my first choice.”

What? Use something other WordPress? I’ve been using WordPress exclusively since 2011 – but I agree, depending on what you want to accomplish online, WordPress is not necessarily the best option for everyone.

What do you think? Would you choose WordPress?

  • Tammy Fuller says:

    I use WordPress and at the time I started it was the industry standard. It’s interesting to see so many more choices now.

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