What Are Permalinks?

By Courtney

Permalinks are how links (the url) to your content are displayed and structured. If you write a blog post, WordPress may give you the permalink: http://example.com/?p=2314. The problem is that search engines and readers don’t know what type of content they’ll get if they click on that link. Plus it just isn’t very pretty.

You want your links to be more user-friendly and it’s simple to do. From the WordPress admin menu click on the Settings → Permalinks option.

When you’re on the ‘Permalinks’ page, pick the option you want to use (I highly recommend choosing ‘Post Name’) and click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Now, your new posts will have a link like this: http://example.com/wordpress-is-awesome/. This lets users and search engines know what to expect when they visit a website (an article about the awesomeness of WordPress).