4 Signs You Need a New Web Host Now

Have you ever been frustrated with your web host and wondered if it was finally time to make a change? It can be scary when thinking about moving your website to a new web hosting provider, but often it is needed. Below are four signs that you need to make the decision sooner than later.

Sign #1: Support is Slow to Respond

If your web hosting provider is slow to respond to support issues, then it’s time to move. A 24-48 hour turnaround is reasonable and should be expected. If your website is completely down, then I would expect a response sooner than that. Even if the issue isn’t completely resolved, your web host should at least be in contact with regular updates. 

Sign #2: Host Uses Out of Date Software

If you have problems getting certain web software or apps to work on your web host, it could be that your web host provider is using out of date software. Software is updated for a reason. It is usually done to fix bugs and for security purposes.

Sign #3: Your Site Crashes or Is Down a Lot

If your website crashes a lot or is just not available on a regular basis, then it’s time to change web hosts. Even if your provider prorated your bill, if your website isn’t consistently up, you are going to lose customers and money.  

Sign #4: Frequent Security Breaches

Often security breaches result from outdated software, such as WordPress plugins, and the problem is not always caused by the negligence of the web host provider. However, sometimes it is. If your website is getting hacked repeatedly, I would recommend researching the issue at the host level.

Web hosting companies aren’t perfect. But if you have some concerns about your host, don’t be afraid to explore your options. You may find a host you like even better!

I personally use MomWebs to host all my websites. The support is amazing and my sites are rarely ever down.


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